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Six-part series, Killa Kafe, starring Talia Rowley now available to stream in Australia on Seeka TV. 
October 2020

Click on the below link to view the series on Seeka TV:

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Talia Rowley wins Best Actor Award - New York's Platinum award for 'Best Actress in a Comedy.'    
August 2020


"Huge congrats to our stars of Stuntbot!! Talia Rowley takes the Platinum award for “Best Actress in a Comedy."

Click on the below link to see all the winners: 

Six-part series, Killa Kafe, starring Talia Rowley now available to stream in Australia on Ozlflix. 
May 2020

Click on the below link to view the series on OzFlix:

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Talia Rowley stars in the Foa'i Siblings' new shortfilm, Stuntbot, screening at Sydney's Entertainment Quarter this month.   
March 2020


"A tenacious female film Director (Rowley) makes her biggest career move yet in what is sure to be an Oscar-winning feature. Sparing no expense she demands it be shot on 70mm film and that stunts be performed using the innovative new "Stuntbot" robots, specifically modelled after her star talent (Foa'i). Alas a reel of film containing an irreplaceable dramatic moment is destroyed in a fire. She needs that scene and her pain-in-the-butt male lead refuses a reshoot. Failure is not an option, the film must be completed. What can be done? Well... I mean... the resemblance of those stuntbots is uncanny..."

Click on the below link to view a trailer from the film: 

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Six-part series, Killa Kafe, starring Talia Rowley now available for purchase on Amazon Prime. 
February 2020

"Killa Kafe is a dark quirky comedy about a cafe with a twist: every shot of coffee comes with a shot at eliminating the troublemakers in your life." 

Click on the below link to view the series on Amazon Prime: 

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Talia Rowley chases acting dreams  
By The Redland City Bulletin 
February 2019


"Rowley said she finished studies at film and television school Screenwise last year after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Screen from Griffith University.


She had since begun working on an Instagram comedy short series and was also setting up a website to help inspire young kids to try out the performing arts."

Click on the below link to read the full article: 

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Talia Rowley graduates with a Diploma in Screen Acting from Australia's Screenwise 
October 2018

"My most memorable and rewarding performances were the ones where I had done the work to prepare, I made bold choices and I trusted that I could do it… and I could. Learning to trust myself wasn’t necessarily a ‘technique’ or a ‘mind-blowing revelation’, it was more about finally understanding how powerful something so seemingly simple was, and how much freedom it gave me as an actor." 

Click on the below link to read the full interview: 

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Talia Rowley announced to feature in new Australian web-series  
By Killa Kafe 
April 2018


"A warm welcome to series regular Jane Doe! She's just a corporate gal killing her way to the top! Played by the fantastic Talia Rowley!"

Killa Kafe is a dark comedy about a cafe with a twist: every shot of coffee comes with a shot at eliminating the troublemakers in your life. 

Pictured below: Morta (Isabel Dickson), Butch (Jock Campbell), Phillipe (Jeremy Chapman) and Jane Doe (Talia Rowley). 

Click on the below link to view a trailer:

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Interview with Great South East's Laurel Edwards
Aired on the Seven Network
June 2015

"ASPAFTV showcased their 'Creative Shorts' Holiday Workshop on 'The Great South East' which aired on Channel 7, Sunday June 14th 2015." 

Pictured Below: Great South East's Laurel Edwards and ASPAFTV Acting Coach Talia Rowley.

Click on the below link to watch the segment: 

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'Screaming Silence' Premieres in Brisbane 
By Indulge Magazine 
March 2015


"Local Company Dear John Film and Theatre premiered their fast-paced thriller film Screaming Silence to a full house last night (Sunday 22nd March) at the Palace Barracks Cinemas. The premiere screening thrilled movie-goers with themes arounds the realm of human experience." 

Pictured Below: Dale Norton (Cinematographer & Editor), Talia Rowley (Script Writer & Assistant Director), and Georgia Coventry (Production Assistant) with the Cast. 

Click on the below link to read the article: 

Talia Rowley: Drama Category Winner 2008
By Australian Edge 
November 2009


"Don Briggs and Geoff Gibbs conceived the idea of Storm 7 yrs ago and through the efforts of both men and Geoff’s lifetime contacts, Hugh Jackman was approached to come on board. Hugh’s passion for the theatre is internationally known and to have him as a strong supporter of our event is amazing." - Sonja Plummer (Creative Director)

Click on the below link to read the full article:

Storm the Stage! QLD takes Perth by Storm
By Jan Lawton
November 2008

"The judges were impressed by the quality of the performances... After much deliberation, finally they announced the winner[s]... TALIA ROWLEY from Queensland – Best Drama Performance."

Click on the below link to read the full article:

Local Star Watch: Talia Storms The Stage
By Linda Muller, The Redlands Times 
October 2008

Page 10, The Redlands Times, Friday, October 3, 2008 - Newspaper


"Talia Rowley of Redland Bay has won the drama category of the Storm the stage event, after gaining one of 20 places in the 2008 national final production at the Burswood Entertainment Complex in Perth.


Talia did a humorous rendition of Sansia - In the Toilet from What's the Matter with Mary-Jane and performed a solo piece. 

She won $5000 towards a career in the arts. 

Storm the Stage is a Rotary initiative and was launched in 2006."

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